Get the Honeycomb Clock Widget on your Phone

Get the Honeycomb Clock Widget on your Phone

The announcement of the latest version of Android, Honeycomb (exclusively for tablets), has brought with it a completely redesigned UI for the operating system. To fit with the sleeker interface, Google redesigned their stock homescreen widgets, including the clock widget that is arguably essential to any mobile device.

All of this excitement about the impending Xoom Honeycomb tablet, as demonstrated by Google at CES, has fuelled developers to give our regular phones’ homescreens a touch of the same styling. This is why XDA memberĀ nemuro has been inspired to create a Honeycomb skin for the free One More Clock widget, which should work on almost any Android device.

The skin very closely reproduces the original widget, but only works with a specific version of One More Clock. Find the download links and installation instructions in the original thread.

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