Save Big on iSteady Gimbals [Black Friday Sale]

Save Big on iSteady Gimbals [Black Friday Sale]

Your smartphone’s camera might be much better than you realize if you’ve never had the opportunity to use it with a gimbal. Our hands are very shaky, which makes our phones do extra work in an attempt to stabilize our footage. By using a gimbal, you can get smoother footage and higher-quality shots. If you’re ready to unlock the full potential of your smartphone or action camera footage, Hohem’s Black Friday sale features iSteady gimbals which are a great place to start. Designed to be easy to use, with different solutions for multiple situations, these iSteady gimbals are a fantastic value.


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iSteady V2 [Black Friday Price: $129.00 $103.20]

The ultimate smartphone companion comes in the form of the iSteady V2. This acts as a 3-axis stabilization gimbal, a tripod, and an emergency charger for your phone. Available in Black or Cream White, the iSteady V2 utilizes AI smart features to give you the best video experience with your phone.

iSteady V2

The Built-in AI Vision Sensor is a gamechanger for smartphone gimbals. This sensor allows the gimbal to detect and follow a subject, without the need for any additional app to operate. Set your iSteady V2 in place using the tripod stand, and let the AI Vision Sensor do the rest. Since this feature does not require an app to operate, this is compatible with any app you would like to use to film yourself. TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and even livestreams can take advantage of this feature.


  • AI Vision Sensor
  • Gesture Control
  • Quick Roll Switch
  • Built-in LED Video Light
  • 3-Axis Stabilization
  • Emergency Power Bank
  • Ultralight Foldable
  • Moment Mode

The 2800mAh battery will be able to provide nine hours of use. If your phone starts to run low on battery, you can use the iSteady V2 as a backup power source to charge your phone. All of these features are what make the iSteady V2 the ultimate smartphone companion.

iSteady Mobile+ [Black Friday Price: $99.00 $79.20]

Unleash new filmmaking tools with the creative abilities of the iSteady Mobile+. The 3-axis video stabilization feature is the tip of the iceberg with this essential mobile filming device. Packed with features designed to enhance your shots, the iSteady Mobile+ is a must-have for vloggers and anyone who uses their phone to create professional videos.

Image Credit: @kalusia9015 [Instagram]

When paired with the new Hohem Gimbal app, you can control your filming in several different ways. Use time-lapse features to time your shot with the rotation of the motorized gimbal, resulting in cinematic time-lapse footage. Control functions like zoom and focus using the buttons included on the gimbal, which prevent any taps on the screen that could cause shaky footage.

  • Upgraded balancing arm design
  • Sport Mode
  • Trigger Button
  • Inception Mode 3D Fantasy Mode
  • New App Hohem Gimbal
  • Various timelapse features
  • Optimized face tracking
  • Object tracking
  • Focus & Zoom Slider
  • Upgraded stabilizing algorithm & dual Bluetooth
  • Vertical mounting
  • All follow mode

The object tracking feature is able to lock on to any object by selecting it on-screen. The gimbal will then follow the object as it moves around. This can be used to make sure that the ball stays in the shot during a basketball game, or a car is centered in the frame during a video of traffic. There are many more tools that make the iSteady Mobile+ a great solution for mobile videographers.

iSteady Pro 4 [Black Friday Price: $99.00 $79.20]

Action cams like the GoPro are great for mounting onto a helmet, bike handle, backpack, and other types of surfaces. But the iSteady Pro 4 is able to unlock new abilities with your action cam, which will result in smoother footage for your videos. The 3-axis stabilization can take your sports videos and turn them into really cinematic-looking projects.

iSteady Pro 4

Skateboarders will find that their footage can be significantly improved with the iSteady Pro 4. Just mount your GoPro in the gimbal, and use the wireless controls to get all the best angles. Freerunners will also benefit from this stabilization, with new footage that doesn’t suffer from the shaking of handheld shots. Hiking, climbing, skiing, and snowboarding are all opportunities to create amazing sports footage using the iSteady Pro 4.

  • GoPro Wireless Control
  • Quick Installation
  • IPX4 Splash P
  • 14 Hours Battery
  • Build-in Power Bank

The IPX4 Splash Proof rating means that you can take the iSteady Pro 4 in the rain. If you are getting shots that result in water splashing on your camera, don’t worry about your gimbal taking any damage. The iSteady Pro 4 is designed to work in these types of situations.

The 3600mAh battery can be used to power your GoPro as well. This will extend your GoPro10 battery life from 1.5 hours to 3 hours when used in combination with the gimbal. Get smoother footage and more battery life to capture your entire adventure with the iSteady Pro 4.

Hohem creates solutions for selfie sticks, gimbals, and a bunch of different types of accessories for smartphones. They have a huge selection of quality products ranging from solutions for beginners to professional gear. Make sure you check out their online store and take advantage of these Black Friday prices!

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