Get XDA Feed for Any Phone

Get XDA Feed for Any Phone

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The XDA team has been working hard on the XDA Feed app to bring it to new devices. Today we are announcing a universal version of the app, now available on the Play store. If you have a device that previously wasn’t officially supported, now you can enjoy feed on any device. This new version will push mods, apps, themes and news that is compatible with all devices. This is the best way to stay up-to-date with all of the best content from the forums.

Another thing you can now do in Feed is suggest links so that the community can help with finding the best content from XDA. In this way we can better service the plethora of devices out there by letting the users suggest the best stuff. So pitch in and help! From the slide-out menu, tap Suggest Content, and just paste in a URL, add some details, and it’ll go into a queue for our Feed maintainers. Boom!

Find mods and apps that are made for all Android devices.

View descriptions and features of a specific mod, then download it right from feed.

Star your favorite posts from feed to access them later.

Choose exactly what type of content that you want to be notified about.

Find tons of fresh wallpapers and themes posted regularly.

Get a constant feed of the newest mods from the forums.

Filter the content in feed so that you’re only shown what you want to see.

Toggle settings to change the look and behavior of feed.

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