Getting Started with Windows 8 App Development

Getting Started with Windows 8 App Development

For the thousands of our readers still in school, summer break is either about to begin or has already begun. As such, there will almost certainly be much more free time at your disposal with which to learn development. And even for those not about to regain their freedom due to the lessening vice grip of academia, there’s always something to be said about learning the basics of development.

In your spare time, why not pick up a little bit of Windows 8 app development? This is exactly what a guide by XDA Senior Member sak-venom1997 hopes to help you accomplish. The guide is meant for both beginner and intermediate developers from the platform, and it seems to have a scope broad enough for everyone in between. Spread across four substantial posts, some of the topics covered are the following:

What better time is there than now to get started with Windows 8 app development? Those eager to get started should visit the guide thread.

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