Getting the Best Photos from the Honor 9

Getting the Best Photos from the Honor 9

Lately Honor has been making phones with cameras that are really fun to use. The Honor 9 has an amazing camera that improves on the dual camera setup that we saw in the Honor 8.

When shooting in Pro Camera mode, you can save a copy of your image in RAW format. We took some RAW photos and edited them in Adobe Lightroom and got some amazing results. The Honor 9 is a very powerful phone with the Kirin 960 and 6GB of RAM. This makes editing massive image files easy and fast. This, combined with the awesome camera on this phone, makes the Honor 9 a great device to shoot and edit high quality photos on.


Use Adobe Lightroom to adjust the colors in your photos.

Lightroom is easy to use and it’s a lot of fun to edit your photos this way.

You can get all kinds of different looks out of your photos with just the smallest amount of adjustments,

While you can do this on basically any Android phone, the high quality camera and the fast processing power makes the experience much better on the Honor 9. If you want to really get into mobile photography, start getting into the habit of using Lightroom. You’ll get the hang of it quickly and it can really improve your photos.

Photo taken on the Honor 9 without any edits.

Edit the photo in Lightroom to get a hazy/cozy look.

Check out the video to see the whole process in action. Improving your photos in Lightroom only takes a minute when utilizing the power of the Honor 9.

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