GitLab Ultimate and GitLab Gold now free for open source projects and education

GitLab Ultimate and GitLab Gold now free for open source projects and education

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Nearly every developer will be familiar with GitHub, but slightly fewer may be familiar with its competitor GitLab. Following the purchase of GitHub by Microsoft for $7.5 billion, many are switching over from GitHub. The platform has seen a surge of activity in the past 24 hours. To gain the trust of more users as an alternative to GitHub, GitLab will now be offering GitLab Ultimate and GitLab Gold for free to open source projects and educational institutions.

What do both of these packages offer? The base service already offers a number of features for free that GitHub doesn’t including the option to create private repositories. The Ultimate and Gold packages offer pretty much the same thing, but while Ultimate is self-hosted, Gold is provided as a service. Both include all features available on the platform including EpicsRoadmapStatic Application Security TestingContainer Scanning, and more. The only thing you won’t get as part of an open source project or educational institution is customer support, but you can buy that separately for $4.95 a month per user.

If you want to get in on the action as a student, you’ll have to wait for your educational institution to apply. Your institution will then be able to provide a license for you. For those with open source projects looking to upgrade, you can simply send a merge request to add your project to a list of open source projects using Ultimate and Gold.

While many users are already switching over, the company is certainly making the most out of the current ongoing situation with GitHub. Amidst privacy concerns, developers are making switches to alternatives in droves—not just to GitLab, but other services like Bitbucket and the self-hosted Jenkins for example. GitLab is simply taking advantage of the news with some incredibly smart moves.