Give Your Eyes Some Rest With Eye Relax

Give Your Eyes Some Rest With Eye Relax

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Those of you who spend lots of time staring at the screen while working or simply relaxing after a long day know how important is to keep your eyes in the good shape. The easiest way to do so while using a computer is to take short breaks every once in a while, and let your eyes rest. But how do you figure out the time required to take a break without simply forgetting about it?

The answer is quite simple: Eye Relax by XDA Recognized Developer kevdliu. Eye Relax is a simple application that automatically sets a countdown timer for 30 minutes and notifies you when your eyes need to rest. The default break time is half a minute, but you can set your own interval after supporting the developer and purchasing the inbuilt option.

The application is pretty simple, but the idea behind it is quite useful. Your eyes will thank you for keeping them in the good shape and you can forget about premature visits to your optometrist for the time being.

If you are addicted to XDA, perhaps you should take a break from reading this article and visit the application thread to download Eye Relax.