Windows Phone 7 Gets a Makeover with Windows K UI

Windows Phone 7 Gets a Makeover with Windows K UI

No one can argue that Microsoft’s life in the mobile market has been a story of ups and downs (more downs than ups during the past 5 years). They make a solid (albeit closed) product that is victim of current trends, trends that are not exactly the platform’s main objectives.

One of the things that plagues Windows Phone (all versions) is the lack of customization on most aspects of the UI (aside from changing background and tile colors). If you still have a Windows Phone 7 (or 8) laying around and would like to try something new, have a look at what XDA Member ErickNoz has prepared.

Windows K is a UI replacement for Windows Phone 7 through 8 (no word from the dev as to whether this works on Windows Phone 10). This app brings a more familiar desktop looking UI to the aging platform and while it is still in early alpha development, the UI already brings some sought after features for Windows Phone lovers.

>>>>New UI for WP7
>>>>Shell EXE calling
>>>Icons (Some icons wont work, Iam building My Computer, Window. Style)

As stated by the developer, there are many features you might expect to exist that are still turned off due to this being an early alpha (such as menu animations and other goodies), but it is looking promising. On top of everything, this will have some level of customization/theming as well since the dev states that there will be more “styles’ for the taskbar coming soon. Please swing by the thread and if you can test and leave some feedback for the dev, it will certainly help.

You can find more information in the Windows K original thread.

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