Choetech Quick Charge 3.0 & USB-C Charger Reviews and Giveaway [35 IN TOTAL]!

Choetech Quick Charge 3.0 & USB-C Charger Reviews and Giveaway [35 IN TOTAL]!

Charging our devices will always be an absolute necessity. Some of us end up needing to charge multiple devices at once. Me, personally, I have to keep track of charging my wireless headset, my Moto 360, my current review device, and my daily driver Nexus 6P. Instead of fiddling with multiple chargers around a multi-plug, why not use a multi-port charging dock? If you’re on the go and you can’t find an outlet, why not use a portable power bank?

What about when you’re in the car and you need a quick top-up of your battery? Most cheap car chargers on the market won’t do a very good job of that. That’s why you’ll need a high quality car charger capable of delivering a lot of power (say – using Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0) to your device.

And with the recent proliferation of devices with USB Type-C ports, many of us are having to re-shop the accessory market because all our previous cables won’t fit our devices. But when you buy a new charger, you’ll want to make sure it’s not only as fast as advertised but also safe to use. There are many charger/cable accessory vendors on the market, but we’re here to showcase some of the ones from CHOETECH.

We’ve done reviews of products from this company before. We’ve reviewed their wireless charger, one of their wireless charging cases, and most recently their solar charger (congratulations to XDA forum member xosinchan for winning the giveaway). But this time, we’re not here to just review and giveaway a single device. We’ll be reviewing three of their devices in this post and we will be giving away a total of 35 products.

Disclaimer: I do not currently own any device that supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, however, the technology is fully backwards compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 and does not offer charging speed improvements over QC 2.0 (rather, it offers variable voltage adjustment) so it should not significantly change the data.

Testing Parameters

To test the charging abilities on each of these devices, I used a custom Tasker script to retrieve the estimated amperage, voltage, and battery temperature as reported by Android every 10 minutes and recorded a representative range of charging values that I could then use to extrapolate the estimated time to fully charge. Android’s battery reporting is known to be a bit inaccurate at the highs and lows of the battery range, so I wanted to stick to values between 20-80% whenever possible.

I wanted to pull as much information as I could about the battery to test whether or not your device is truly safe to be charging out in the sun underneath the pockets of this device. Of course, since these values are pulled from Android’s estimates and not from actual electrical measuring hardware such as an ammeter or voltmeter, they won’t be 100% accurate but for our general testing purposes it works out just fine.

My testing devices were the Nextbit Robin (2680mAh battery capacity) and the Google Nexus 6P (3,450 mAh battery capacity). Of course, since the Nextbit Robin uses USB Type-C, I could have used it for all of these tests rather than switching to the 6P exclusively to test the Type-C ports. The reason I chose not to is because I remembered that devices with QC-compliant ports are not USB Type-C compliant, so I wanted to eliminate any potential issues testing the ports here (though I doubt there would have been any). Also, it’s a lot faster testing multiple devices!

CHOETECH 33W QC3.0 & USB Type-C Dual-Port Car Charger

DateTimeBattery (%)Current (mA)Voltage (mV)Temperature (°C)
5/18/201611:30 AM211792399439
5/18/201611:40 AM301476396540.2
5/18/201611:50 AM361392396840.2
5/18/201612:00 PM421452402441.2
5/18/201612:10 PM491303404540.7
5/18/201612:12 PM511327406240.2

Device: Google Nexus 6P (3,450 mAh)

Charged via: USB Type-C Port

Estimated time to fully charge: 140 minutes

DateTimeBattery (%)Current (mA)Voltage (mV)Temperature (°C)
5/18/20161:21 PM21
5/18/20161:30 PM311810402740.5
5/18/20161:40 PM411227398841
5/18/20161:50 PM501227402638.5
5/18/20162:00 PM591228408137.5
5/18/20162:10 PM681733422239.2
5/18/20162:20 PM791496429639
5/18/20162:20 PM80

Device: Nextbit Robin (2,680 mAh)

Charged via: Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Port

Estimated time to fully charge: 98 minutes

Since the battery capacity of the Nextbit Robin is about 77.7% the capacity of the Google Nexus 6P, if we normalized the time to charge for the Nexus 6P using this percentage we would get 109 minutes to charge a hypothetical device with a 2,680 mAh battery capacity over the USB Type-C port.

Overall, you probably don’t spend enough time in the car every day to expect to fully charge your device. However, you can expect to get at least a couple of dozen battery percentage back by leaving it plugged in throughout your commute. At least compared to generic car chargers that struggle to keep up with the power draw of GPS navigation + music streaming, this fast-charge car charger should definitely suit you well.

CHOETECH 50W Multi USB Charging Station (2 QC 3.0 Port + 4 Auto Detect Port) with Holder Cradle

DateTimeBattery (%)Current (mA)Voltage (mV)Temperature (°C)
5/17/20167:47 PM19
5/17/20167:50 PM231766399633
5/17/20168:00 PM331556402738
5/17/20168:10 PM451705410237.7
5/17/20168:20 PM581777418738.5
5/17/20168:30 PM701765429038.2
5/17/20168:37 PM80

Device: Nextbit Robin (2,680 mAh)

Charged via: Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Port (Note the blue color interior – those two are the QC ports)

Estimated time to fully charge: 83 minutes

DateTimeBattery (%)Current (mA)Voltage (mV)Temperature (°C)
5/17/201611:28 PM19
5/17/201611:30 PM201225394138
5/17/201611:40 PM301799404439.2
5/17/201611:50 PM431755409139.7
5/18/201612:00 AM551226411039.7
5/18/201612:10 AM661639421639.7
5/18/201612:20 AM77757423938
5/18/201612:22 AM80

Device: Nextbit Robin (2,680 mAh)

Charged via: “Auto Detect Port”

Estimated time to fully charge: 90 minutes

I tried multiple times, but I didn’t see a significant difference between the QC 3.0 port and the regular port. Not that that’s a bad thing – your device gets charged pretty darn fast no matter what port you plug it into. I think this difference is more a testament to how efficient the auto-detect ports are.

CHOETECH 55W Multi USB Charging Station (2 USB Type C Port + 4 Auto Detect Port) with Holder Cradle

DateTimeBattery (%)Current (mA)Voltage (mV)Temperature (°C)
5/17/20168:36 PM19
5/17/20168:40 PM221473395932.2
5/17/20168:50 PM281464399431.5
5/17/20169:00 PM341252398931.7
5/17/20169:10 PM411140400532.7
5/17/20169:20 PM481434408332.7
5/17/20169:30 PM561412413733
5/17/20169:40 PM641393419533.2
5/17/20169:50 PM721387425533
5/17/20169:59 PM80

Device: Google Nexus 6P (3,450 mAh)

Charged via: “Auto Detect Port”

Estimated time to fully charge: 138 minutes

DateTimeBattery (%)Current (mA)Voltage (mV)Temperature (°C)
5/17/201610:30 AM19
5/17/201610:40 AM282115404638.2
5/17/201610:50 AM382096408139
5/17/201611:00 AM482072414039.7
5/17/201611:10 AM592449426640.5
5/17/201611:20 AM701406422539.2
5/17/201611:28 AM80

Device: Google Nexus 6P (3,450 mAh)

Charged via: USB Type-C Port

Estimated time to fully charge: 97 minutes

The difference in current drawn from the USB Type-C port and the regular auto-detect port is readily apparent in these results. In a little over an hour and a half you can fully charge 2 Nexus 6Ps using the two Type-C ports. I would say that’s pretty darn impressive, especially seeing that the battery temperature doesn’t spiral out of control here.


Remember in the beginning when we said we had 35 products to giveaway? I know you’re probably salivating at the chance to win one of these three chargers I reviewed. But what if I told you we weren’t giving away just these three devices? That’s right, in addition to giving away a set of the devices I reviewed above, CHOETECH will be giving away 4 additional products. In total, that makes 7 charging products from CHOETECH. We will be giving away 5 of each of the 7 charging products, which is why there’s 35 total products to giveaway.

Here are the requirements:

  • Must be a resident of the United States, Canada, the U.K., or any other European nation. (We will continue to have other giveaways for our international guests, so please stay tuned!)
  • Must have a valid shipping address that CHOETECH can ship to via Amazon.
  • Must fill out a CHOETECH reviewer program application.

Once you’ve met the requirements, you can place your entry into the giveaway by clicking the button below.

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