[Giveaway] 2 Months of Android File Host Premium to Everyone + 10 Swag Bags!

[Giveaway] 2 Months of Android File Host Premium to Everyone + 10 Swag Bags!

Developers, Developers, Developers. We love our developers here at XDA. We’re maybe not as outwardly-loud through text as Mr. Ballmer was in the linked clip, but without developers there wouldn’t even be an XDA-Developers.

You guys provide the backbone for our forums; your work is what draws millions to our forums every year. You guys put so much hard work into the software you release to the masses for free, and we know that at times it might seem like we’re not appreciative of the work you guys do. However, we’ve been revamping our forums over the years and have introduced several developer-centric features such as the XDA DevDB to make it easier for developers to post and update their work.

Premium Service Giveaway

Today, we’re showing our appreciation to our developers (and our users) by partnering with Android File Host to offer you 2 free months of their premium service. What do you get as a premium user at Android File Host? Here’s a run-down:

AndroidFileHost Premium

How do you get in on this?

Enter promo code “XDA2MONTHSFREE” at the premium service check-out page.

This isn’t the first time we’ve partnered with Android File Host to give developers the chance to use their premium services. However, this time the code will work for both premium users and premium devs. Yes, that’s right, EVERYONE gets a chance to use Android File Host’s premium services.

But please don’t let the 2 month trial be the end of your support! If you’ve read our interview with the team behind Android File Host, then you’ll know just how difficult it is to run a file-hosting service without your help. At the very least, we would appreciate it if you could whitelist them in your favorite adblocker!

Swag Bag Giveaway

swag bag afh

That’s not all, though! XDA-Developers and Android File Host would also like to show our appreciation to the many users who make up our great community. Without you guys actually downloading the work put forth by our developers, many developers wouldn’t even bother posting their work! That’s why the team behind Android File Host has put together a little ‘swag bag‘ (consisting of a T-shirt, 4 stickers, and 2 pins) that we’re going to be giving away to 10 lucky winners from anywhere in the world.

How do you get in on this?

Leave a comment below and show us your love for Android!

We’ll be picking 10 random users as winners and will announce these winners on the XDA Portal as well as on our social media pages.

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