GlassWire Elite Delivers 3 Years of Firewall Protection for Just $30

GlassWire Elite Delivers 3 Years of Firewall Protection for Just $30

Most of us rely on antivirus software to keep our devices safe and secure. While these apps catch most of the bad actors, they aren’t perfect. If malware manages to slip through the net, your personal data could be left wide open. GlassWire Elite offers another layer of protection. This highly-rated utility lets you monitor all traffic on your network — including misbehaving apps and malicious code. You can currently get three years of protection for just $29.99 via the XDA Developers Depot.

With over 14 million downloads and glowing reviews, GlassWire is widely regarded as a powerful PC firewall. Through beautiful graphs and simple lists, the software makes it easy to see exactly what is happening on your network.

This means you can see exactly where your PC is sending data to and receiving data from. You can also free up bandwidth by shutting down problem apps, and detect malware that could be messaging home.

You don’t even need to keep watch — GlassWire Elite acts as your digital guard dog. Whenever something suspicious appears, the software will let you know. Similarly, you can choose to be alerted when unknown devices join your WiFi network.

Order now for $29.99 to get three years of top-class protection, worth $297.


GlassWire Elite: 3-Yr Subscription – $29.99

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