GlassWire Launches their Network Monitoring App in the Play Store

GlassWire Launches their Network Monitoring App in the Play Store

You may have heard about GlassWire before. The company has a tool for Windows that lets you monitor your network usage and instead of just presenting you with rows and columns of numbers, GlassWire does this visually with graphs so that the data is easier to read. The company even has software to monitor things such as webcam or mic detection, and they have some remote server monitoring tech too.

So it’s big news to hear the company has just launched their first Android application for their most popular product, network monitoring. Now, Android devices are already monitoring your data usage and this feature is generally right on the first page of the Settings menu. There’s even a breakdown of how much data each of your applications have used for that particular month. Other than disabling mobile data access or setting restrictions for Android’s Data Saver feature, there isn’t much that’s offered here.

This is where GlassWire is filling in the void. Sure, the application won’t be for everyone, but it can be extremely useful for those who want to visually see their network usage. So you’re going to get all of the basic network usage data that you generally get with Android, but it will also keep a live graph going so you can actively monitor your usage. This will work with both mobile as well as WiFi network usage too, so you aren’t limited to one or the other.

You can scrub through this timeline and see when an application used a bunch of data, set a data plan limit and receive notifications when you’re getting too close, and there’s even a way to receive a notification when an application has used data for the first time. The company also promises that your network and graph data are “never sent to [their] GlassWire servers”, as they offer a premium service on top of GlassWire and have no need to store and sell data to third-parties.

Source: GlassWire Blog

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