[Update: Live for Exchange Accounts] Gmail 7.1.1 Hints at Integrating Tasks and Reminder Snoozing

[Update: Live for Exchange Accounts] Gmail 7.1.1 Hints at Integrating Tasks and Reminder Snoozing

Update: it appears these features are showing up for Exchange accounts. They do not appear to be aimed at Gmail accounts, but that could change in the future. We apologize for not noticing this earlier. The article has been amended to reflect these changes.

A new version of Gmail is rolling out soon that integrates tasks and reminders for Exchange accounts. Gmail 7.1.1 will be available soon in the Play Store, but some users have already received the update and pushed it to APK Mirror earlier today. We’ve taken a look at the update, and there are indeed some interesting changes.

Although the strings and files contained in the APK hint at the inclusion of a new feature, it is always possible that Google may not actually implement these features.

Gmail 7.1.1 Exchange Accounts with Google Inbox Features

Within the APK, there are some additional strings we have found that prove two additional features have been integrated into Gmail. The first is Tasks integration:

Gmail Teardown

<string name="mailbox_name_display_t4">Tasks</string>
<string name="t4_section_title_no_due_day">No due date</string>
<string name="t4_section_title_overdue">Overdue</string>
<string name="t4_section_title_later_this_week">Later this week</string>
<string name="t4_section_title_next_week">Next week</string>
<string name="t4_section_title_later">Later</string>
<string name="t4_section_title_done">Done</string>
<string name="t4_list_t4_due_date_label">Due %1$s</string>
<string name="t4_compose_button">Compose Task</string>
<string name="t4_detail_high_priority_label">High priority</string>
<string name="t4_detail_low_priority_label">Low priority</string>
<string name="t4_detail_body_content_description">Notes: %1$s</string>
<string name="t4_detail_notification_time_content_description">Reminder: %1$s</string>
<string name="t4_detail_recurrence_content_description">Repeats: %1$s</string>
<string name="t4_detail_mark_as_done">Mark as done</string>
<string name="t4_detail_mark_as_not_done">Mark as not done</string>
<string name="t4_toolbar_title_create_task">New task</string>
<string name="t4_toast_bar_title_mark_as_done">Marked as done</string>
<string name="t4_toast_bar_title_mark_as_not_done">Marked as not done</string>
<string name="tasks_edit_segment_title_hint">Title</string>
<string name="tasks_edit_segment_due_date_label">Due date</string>
<string name="tasks_edit_segment_reminder_label">Reminder</string>
<string name="t4_edit_segment_priority_label">Priority</string>
<string name="tasks_edit_segment_body_hint">Add note</string>
<string name="t4_edit_segment_recurrence_none">Does not repeat</string>
<string name="t4_edit_priority_label_high_priority">High priority</string>
<string name="t4_edit_priority_label_normal_priority">Normal priority</string>
<string name="t4_edit_priority_label_low_priority">Low priority</string>
<string name="t4_edit_priority_label_abbrev_high_priority">High</string>
<string name="t4_edit_priority_label_abbrev_normal_priority">Normal</string>
<string name="t4_edit_priority_label_abbrev_low_priority">Low</string>
<string name="t4_edit_error_empty_title">The task title cannot be empty.</string>
<string name="t4_edit_error_invalid_reminder_time">The reminder cannot be after the due date.</string>
<string name="t4_edit_discard_dialog_message">Discard changes?</string>
<string name="t4_edit_discard_dialog_keep_editing">Keep editing</string>
<string name="t4_edit_access_label_due_date">Due Date %1$s</string>
<string name="t4_edit_access_label_reminder">Reminder %1$s</string>
<string name="t4_view_conversation">View conversation</string>
<string name="empty_t4_folder">Nothing in Tasks</string>
<string name="t4_sync_off">"Task sync is off. Turn on in &lt;a href='http://www.example.com'>Account settings.&lt;/a>"</string>
<string name="t4_list_low_priority_content_description">Low priority</string>
<string name="t4_list_high_priority_content_description">High priority</string>
<string name="t4_list_recurrence_content_description">Repeats</string>
<string name="t4_list_reminder_set_content_description">Reminder</string>
<string name="t4_list_mail_content_description">From email</string>

We can clearly see that Gmail will now allow us to create and edit Tasks. These tasks can be set based on priority and can be given due dates. Furthermore, users will be able to set reminders to complete these tasks. At any time, a user can go in and mark the task as done or not done. If a user receives a reminder to complete a task but has not yet been able to complete it, the reminder notification will allow you to snooze the reminder as well:

Gmail Teardown

<string name="t4_snooze_activity_label">Snooze</string>
<string name="t4_snooze_dialog_10_minutes">10 minutes</string>
<string name="t4_snooze_dialog_30_minutes">30 minutes</string>
<string name="t4_snooze_dialog_1_hour">1 hour</string>
<string name="t4_snooze_dialog_tomorrow">Tomorrow</string>
<string name="t4_snooze_dialog_snooze_button">Snooze</string>
<string name="t4_reminder_notification_snooze_button">Snooze</string>
<string name="t4_reminder_notification_done_button">Done</string>

The notification button will expand to a dialog allowing you to snooze the reminder until 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 day later. If you are done with the task, you can mark the task as “done” straight from the reminder notification.

These features should already start showing up for those of you with Exchange accounts on the Gmail application. We hope that Google incorporates these features in a future version of Gmail, rather than segregate the best features of Inbox to only be accessible to Exchange accounts.

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