Gmail and Inbox Will Now Convert Addresses, Phone Numbers and Contacts Into Clickable Links

Gmail and Inbox Will Now Convert Addresses, Phone Numbers and Contacts Into Clickable Links

If you’ve ever received an email with an address, phone number or contact information, it can be pretty annoying to have to copy and move information out of Gmail or Inbox, especially if you have a slower device. Having to switch apps and copy and paste lines can be annoying, or even just having to copy and paste one line can be mildly frustrating, especially if you have to fiddle with the text selection.

Thankfully, with the latest updates for Gmail and Inbox, within the next few days you will be able to click an address, phone number or email address to access the dialer or relevant app without having to deal with switching apps and all of that yourself. Clicking an address will take you to Google Maps, clicking a phone number will bring you to your phone application and clicking an email address will open a compose window with that email already selected as the receiver.

As you can see above, the address has become tappable. When you tap the address, you are brought to a view of the address within Google Maps!

Above you can see that the address is highlighted again, along with the phone number. The address will take you to Google Maps while the phone number to your dialer, where you can call the number or save it as a contact.

Google’s Inbox and Gmail have both become smarter, and we look forward to seeing more improvements. To be honest, I’m kind of surprised these changes have only been added now! Google even added smart reply in 2015, which analyses the emails you’ve received to provide some basic responses, and that sounds a lot more advanced than this! Still, Google is slowly improving their email services, and it would be great to see what the future holds for the Google suite of applications.

Source: G-Suite Updates Blog

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