Gmail for Android gets new buttons to help you easily copy and paste email addresses

Gmail for Android gets new buttons to help you easily copy and paste email addresses

Gmail for Android is getting new buttons to help you copy and paste email addresses easily. The new buttons replace the old gesture, which required you to long-press email addresses to bring up the copy prompt.

The new buttons were first spotted by Android Police, who shared the following screenshots highlighting the change.  As you can see in the attached images, long-pressing on email addresses in the To, CC, or BCC fields while composing a new email brings up a new window. The window includes the name associated with the email address, the email address itself, and two buttons — Copy and Remove.

Gmail for Android new copy and remove buttons

New copy and remove buttons

As you’d expect, the Copy button copies the email address to the clipboard and you can then paste it into any other field. The Remove button, on the other hand, deletes the selected email address from the current field. It’s worth noting that the Remove button doesn’t delete the selected email address from other fields. So if you have an email address in both the To and BCC fields, and you remove the one in the To field with the new button, the other one won’t be removed.

Gmail for Android

Old copy button

Android Police further notes that the new buttons don’t seem to be available for all Gmail users at the moment. This suggests that the feature may be rolling out with a server-side update. It’s also possible that the new buttons are part of an A-B test, which may be why they’re only showing up for some users. The new buttons were available on my Galaxy Note 20 with version 2021.02.05.357775197 of the Gmail app. However, the buttons weren’t available on my Mi 10T Pro with the same version of the app.

Over the last several months, Google has introduced some much-needed changes in Gmail, like the ability to edit Office attachments without downloading them first. We’ve also spotted a couple of upcoming features, like Search Chips for filtering messages, that will offer more utility to advanced users.

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