Gmail for Android will get density options, quick attachments, & more with Material Theme revamp

Gmail for Android will get density options, quick attachments, & more with Material Theme revamp

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A Material Theme redesign has been on the horizon for several Google apps like Gmail and Google Photos, with teasers floating around of what these could look like. Gmail for Web recently got a major redesign, and now it’s about time for the Android app to get some love. During a session at Cloud Next 2018, Google showed off the upcoming Material Theme update to Gmail for Android.

The official Gmail app for Android will soon get features that will bring it closer to functionality to its web version. These features include options like density control and quick attachments in the inbox view.

According to the slide which is labeled as “directional,” the new material theme revamp will strip the Android app of its signature red accents and bestow upon it a white theme and background, much to the dismay of the OLED panels on your recent smartphone. This is in line with the Gmail for Web redesign, although the mobile update is “smaller” in scale according to the Gmail team. The top of the layout is occupied by the new full-width search bar, flanked by the navigation drawer on the left and the profile avatar on the right. A white FAB now sits on the bottom right.

The mobile design shown off is still considered to be directional, meaning that the redesign will attempt to come close to it. The final product may, however, differ in the smaller details. Though, if you’re hoping for a default black/dark theme, such a fundamental change would be out-of-scope. The material theme will bring over functionality from the web, so you can look forward to features like density options that will help control the amount of information that is visible on the screen. Similarly, like we have seen on the web interface, the new inbox view will also list out images, files, and other attachments for quicker access.

Meanwhile, Gmail on Web will be getting more advanced search features such as simplifying the interface with a bottom carousel that can suggest contacts, attachment types, and other filters. As for Inbox, the team mentioned that “there is no particular change.” G Suite and enterprise customers are encouraged to use Gmail, as all successful experimental features will eventually make their way to Gmail.

Source: 9to5Google