Gmail Go app mistakenly became available for Android 10+ devices

Gmail Go app mistakenly became available for Android 10+ devices

Update 1 (10/12/2020 @ 03:16 PM ET): It seems that the Gmail Go app going live for non-Android Go devices was a mistake, as installations of the app are now restricted once again. The article as published on October 9, 2020, is preserved below.

Google offers quite a few ‘Go’ variants of its apps, which are designed for entry-level devices running Android Go. These include apps like Google Go, Google Assistant Go, Gallery Go, Google Maps Go, Google Camera Go, and many more. The company keeps adding new apps to the lineup ever so often, and it offers a stripped-down version of the Gmail app on the Play Store. The Gmail Go app brings a lighter Gmail experience, featuring just the essentials.


As per a recent 9to5Google report, the Gmail Go listing on the Play Store is nearly identical to that of the regular Gmail app, except for the new icon with a “Go” badge at the bottom. The listing specifies that Gmail Go offers the “Gmail you love, now lighter and just fast,” but it still features the same screenshots as the regular version. However, the app itself is quite different from the full-blown Gmail app.

Gmail Go’s UI follows the same structure as the regular app, but it doesn’t include quite a few features. For instance, the app doesn’t feature a bottom bar because Google Meet has not been integrated into the app. The app’s UI elements are also flatter when compared to the regular Gmail app, with no layering or shadows. Instead, it makes use of a white outline for the search bar and Compose button to help them stand out.

Additionally, the report claims that the frame rate of the app has been capped so much so that it results in a perceptible lag when you scroll through the app. This is most likely a performance optimization that will benefit devices with low-end specifications. As mentioned earlier, the app isn’t restricted to Android Go devices and it’s available for regular Android devices running Android 10+. In case you’re not a fan of the regular Gmail app, you can give Gmail Go a shot by downloading it form the Play Store link below. Many users note that the app isn’t available in their region, so in case the app isn’t available for you from Google Play, you can sideload it from APKMirror.

Gmail Go
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

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