“Search Chips” help refine searches in Gmail for G Suite users

“Search Chips” help refine searches in Gmail for G Suite users

Gmail is a nearly ubiquitous method for communication, which is a good and bad thing. You can contact pretty much anyone if you have their email address, but that also means anyone can contact you if they have your address. This can lead to an inbox full of thousands of emails, which is why search is so important. Gmail for G Suite users is getting more powerful search thanks to “Search Chips.”

Previously, you could narrow down a Gmail search by typing in filters like “label:work” or “from:[email protected]” To narrow things down even further you could combine these filters. However, it’s not super convenient to type these in and a lot of people don’t know how to use them. “Search Chips” are intended to make these filters easier to use.


gmail search chips

Search Chips appear underneath the search box in Gmail as clickable suggestions. In the example above you can see the user started typing “Mike” in the search bar. Search Chips for “From Mike Chang” and “Exclude chats” start appearing. You can click these suggestions to narrow down your search. It’s sort of like Smart Reply, but for search.

The update with Search Chips has already started rolling out to Gmail for G Suite users, but it may take up to 15 days to arrive for everyone. Google plans to bring this feature to regular Gmail users sometime after the G Suite rollout.

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