Go from Excel Novice to Master with This 3-Course Bundle

Go from Excel Novice to Master with This 3-Course Bundle

Practically everyone who’s ever worked in an office has at least dabbled with Microsoft Excel at some point. But, chances are you’ve only scratched the surface of what this incredibly popular and powerful program can do.

The Essential Microsoft Excel Lifetime Bundle offers three courses that will help you master this ubiquitous number-crunching tool, and the entire bundle is available for over 95% off at $9.99.

Used for everything from creating simple spreadsheets to performing advanced data analysis, Excel lies at the heart of virtually every successful business. If you need a refresher on the essentials of Excel, start with the Basic Microsoft Excel module, which walks you through everything from the general layout of the program to essential navigation techniques and task automations.

Through the next two modules, you’ll learn about more advanced topics such as data analysis, index-matching, lookup formulas, and creating captivating visualizations and graphs. You’ll also learn about PivotTables—which allow you to automatically filter and sort large sets of complex data in order to increase efficiency and expedite projects.

Give yourself a marked advantage over the competition when you apply for positions in practically any industry with the Essential Microsoft Excel Lifetime Bundle for just $9.99—over 95% off.