Goodix introduces new Bluetooth LE and ToF solutions

Goodix introduces new Bluetooth LE and ToF solutions

Technology is quite complicated. As a consumer, we rarely get to see all the bits and pieces that make a product work. In one device, it’s not uncommon to have tens or maybe hundreds of parts, sourced from different companies. Goodix Technology is a supplier of such parts, manufacturing optical under-display fingerprint scanners and audio solutions, for some of your favorite companies like Samsung, Amazon, and Google. The company recently held a showcase in Shenzhen, China during its Goodix Tech Seminar. It revealed new products, like a new Bluetooth LE SoC and Time of Flight (ToF) solutions. 


GR5526 series Goodix

As mentioned previously, Goodix debuted a new Bluetooth LE SoC, the GR5526 series. As noted on its website, the GR5526 series “can be configured as a Broadcaster, an Observer, a Peripheral and a Central while supporting the use of the combinations of all these roles”. The SoC is Bluetooth 5.3 compliant and has a dedicated GPU, giving it the ability to output to a display. It supports a resolution of 454×454 at 30FPS and is also 30 percent more efficient in terms of power consumption when compared to its predecessor. As can be seen in the chart above, there are four configurations of the SoC, each with slightly different specifications.

30 percent more efficient in terms of power consumption

Goodix also shared its new Time of Flight (ToF) 3D sensing solutions that integrates a ToF image sensor and a laser driver that allows for a higher level of precision when it comes to depth measurement. Goodix’s solution offers  “better ambient light suppression, anti-interference, and high dynamic range (HDR)”. This technology can be implemented in a number of ways, like in use in drones, facial recognition tools, and more. 

As mentioned previously, Goodix solutions are something you’ve probably come across but just never have noticed. The Bluetooth LE technology can be found in the upcoming Mi Band 7 which will receive a formal announcement on May 24.

Source: Goodix

Update: Goodix has clarified that its health sensors will be included in Mi Band 7, and not the BLE tech.

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