Google+ 4.6 Update Brings Additional Material Design Flair

Google+ 4.6 Update Brings Additional Material Design Flair

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Just yesterday, we talked about a rather significant update to the Google Play Newsstand app. Perhaps the most noticeable change in yesterday’s update wasn’t exactly a new feature, but rather a nearly complete Material Design UI overhaul. Today, Google is rolling out an update to the Google+ app to bring even more Material Design flair to the already Material-compliant app.

While quite a few first party Google applications have now received the Material Design goodness, many of you will undoubtedly recall that one of the first apps to receive a makeover was Google+. In fact, the Google+ app actually received its current overall UI style well before Android L and Material Design were formally announced. Now, a new update is rolling out, which brings the app up to version, and it further refines the Material Design UI stylings to match what we’ve seen in other Material-compliant apps.

For starters, the floating action button, which allows users to create new posts from the feed screen, has been made red with a white center (rather than white with a red center) to better mesh with other current Google apps such as Slides and Sheets. Next, the Action Bar’s color has been updated to be a bit brighter and more inline with the bright colors seen in other Material Design apps. Finally, various icons have been cleaned and stripped of their colors in order to make them seem a bit more tasteful.

As is generally always the case with Google app updates, today’s Google+ update will eventually make its way out to consumer devices over the course of the next few days. However, we’ve gone ahead and mirrored the Google+ 4.6 for Android 4.4+ APK (or for Android 4.0.4+) over on our Google Drive account for your early-access, sideloading pleasure.

[Many thanks to XDA Portal Supporter MihirGosai for the APKs!]