Google Adds A/B Testing to Firebase as a First Class Feature

Google Adds A/B Testing to Firebase as a First Class Feature

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For a long time, A/B testing has been a bit of a pain to perform in Firebase, requiring manual segmentation of user groups in order to decide who to send each version of the app to, and requiring manual parsing of the data you received to find out which version was prefered.

Today at the 2017 Firebase Dev Summit in Amsterdam, Google announced that they will be integrating native support for A/B testing into Firebase itself. Google hopes that by making A/B testing easier, it will become more accessible for new developers, and more useful for experienced developers.

As part of this integration, if you use the native A/B testing support Google will automatically split the two versions of the app or notification to subsets of the group that you select to send it to, and will collect the major data points, and report back once it has statistically significant results. All you need to do is create an experiment with Remote Config or FCM, define what variant values and population sizes you are looking to test on, and set what goal you’re looking to accomplish with your test.

If you want to start using Google Firebase’s new A/B testing support right away, you’ll be able to give it a try at this link very shortly.

Have you attempted to set up an A/B test through Firebase before? Are you excited to try it now that it is easier to do? Have you found a good workaround in the past that may still work even better? Let us know in the comments!