Google Acquires Limes Audio to Improve Online Voice Quality

Google Acquires Limes Audio to Improve Online Voice Quality

New day, New acquisition by Google

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Voice has been at the forefront of interpersonal communication in the digital age since traditional mobile phones, and now video is growing even further through services like Hangouts, Skype and Facetime. Our reliance on video and voice will only grow stronger through the proliferation of faster and more reliable internet connections.

Google realizes the importance of voice quality in such communication scenarios. And rightfully so too, as two of their products, Google Hangouts and Google Duo, incorporate audio-video communication as their main product features. To improve the online voice communication systems, Google has announced that it has acquired Limes Audio.

Limes Audio focuses on solutions that aid in voice communications. The goal is for the person you are talking with to hear you as clearly as possible, and to make it so that you can hear them clearly as well. Audio quality is of paramount importance in video communications and conferencing, so seeing Google focus on a great audio experience makes a lot of sense.

One of the biggest challenges that Google faces in many of its products like Google Hangouts, Google Duo and YouTube Live is audio quality. The variable nature of the presenter, the audience and their accompanying environments hamper the acoustics and echo scenarios. Further, poor internet connections can add in additional lag and interruptions in the audio experience. The team behind Limes Audio has been working on building solutions that remove the distracting noise, distortion and echoes that affect online video and telephony meetings.

While Google has not specifically stated which products will benefit directly with this acquisition, there is no doubt that the underlying technologies will creep out to many of their audio and video services. Whether Android gains something out of this on the OS level is something that will have to wait for Google to announce.

Source: Google’s Keyword Blog