Google’s new Address Maker app allows governments to easily create new addresses at scale

Google’s new Address Maker app allows governments to easily create new addresses at scale

Billions of people around the world don’t have an address. To tackle this issue, Google has announced a new app called Address Maker, a free service that helps governments and non-profit groups (NGOs) easily create unique addresses for developing communities.

With Address Maker, organizations can create unique, functional addresses at scale right from an Android device. The Address Maker app relies on Plus Codes, an open-source system developed by Google that generates a digital address using latitude and longitude coordinates.

Google launched Plus Codes in 2015 to let organizations and local authorities quickly create functional addresses for homes and businesses. Last year, Google integrated Plus Codes into Google Maps for Android, making it easier to generate and share your digital address. Users can now simply open Google Maps on their phone and tap on the blue location dot on the map to create a six-digit Plus Code.


As Google notes, creating addresses for a whole town or village could take years. But with the Address Maker, it only takes a few weeks to get under-addressed communities on the map.

A gif showing how to create Plus Code addresses using Address Maker

“Previously, creating addresses for an entire town or village could take years. Address Maker shortens this time to as little as a few weeks — helping under-addressed communities get on the map quickly, while also reducing costs. Address Maker allows organizations to easily assign addresses and add missing roads, all while making sure they work seamlessly in Google Maps and Maps APIs,” said Google in a blog post.

Address Maker is already being used by governments and NGOs in India, Kenya, The Gambia, South Africa, and the US, “with more partners on the way.” Governments and organizations interested in running scaled addressing programs in their areas can send their application using this form.

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