Google Adds Private Channel Apps to the Managed Play Store

Google Adds Private Channel Apps to the Managed Play Store

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Towards the end of last year, Google rebranded their Google Apps for Work platform into G Suite. Google recently announced App Maker for their G Suite customers, acquired a company to help improve the audio quality of their Hangouts users, and this week they’ve announced a change to the managed Play Store.

Google allows companies that pay for G Suite services to develop unique applications for their employees. This is where the App Maker came into play as it helped those businesses deploy an application much more quickly than before. These applications were considered private, but were still available in the Google Play Store for employees to access. They were just hidden in a secret tab that was labeled the same name as the company.

Google wanted to make these applications easier to access, so they have moved them into a new category called Work Apps. Instead of being the last category within the Play Store, this category has moved into the 3rd position (which is right after Top Charts and Games). They want to use this Work Apps category as a place to store all the applications your employee may need in order to get their job done.

So instead of only listing private applications here, the G Suite admins will be able to add in a list of public applications as well. Google has also made it so that there is no longer a need to manage different access controls for employees. The controls for the private and public applications within this Work Apps category will be consolidated in the managed Play Store and there will be a simplified white-listing process for mobile applications.

Source: G Suite