Google Adds Support for Microsoft Exchange Tasks to Gmail

Google Adds Support for Microsoft Exchange Tasks to Gmail

A lot of businesses use Microsoft Exchange as their email solution for their employees within the company. Google was aware of this and they were finally able to add Microsoft Exchange support into their core Gmail application back in April of last year. This helped a lot of people consolidate their emails into one single application — it wasn’t a complete solution, but it was better than nothing.

Yesterday Google announced that they were able to add another Exchange feature to their Gmail application, Exchange Tasks. We’re seeing a lot of 3rd-party productivity tools like Trello and Slack being used these days but some prefer Microsoft’s to-do list solution offered through Exchange. Once you have the update on your device, it will synchronize your tasks with the Exchange server so you can have access to them right from the Gmail application.

You’re given the ability to create a task, edit its date, edit its priority, swipe to mark it as completed, and even flag a specific email as a new task that needs to be done at a later time. Not only that, but Google has also integrated its “find a time” feature from Google Calendar so that times for meetings can be scheduled that work for everyone on your team. This is all done directly from Gmail so you never need to go out side of the application to get these types of tasks setup.

In the blog post, Google also wants to remind us that the Gmail application (version 6.4 and later) also works with managed configurations. This will enable you to skip a bunch of complicated setup steps to get things up and running.

Have you been using Gmail’s Microsoft Exchange functionality over the past year? We would be interested to hear what your experience with it has been so far.

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