Google Allo’s Desktop Client Will Be Here in A “Few More Weeks”

Google Allo’s Desktop Client Will Be Here in A “Few More Weeks”

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When Google first released Allo onto the Play Store, I immediately downloaded it with the intention of making it my primary messaging app. Unfortunately, due to the onslaught of missing features right out of the gate, I was personally unable to achieve this.

Google has been releasing consistent updates to the platform since its release last September, but one key feature that’s still missing is a proper web client. A Google executive teased a screenshot of Allo’s web-based computer client in February, and in May, that same exec said that Allo would officially be available on the Web within one or two months.

Now that we’re in July, it’s been a couple months since that last statement. Twitter user Davi Holanda Tweeted Amit Fulay (Head of Product for Google Allo and Duo) inquiring about Allo’s web client release, and Fulay responded by saying that the client will be released in a, “few more weeks.”

Fulay didn’t provide any reasoning for the delay, but as someone who’s eagerly awaiting Allo to finally be available on my desktop and laptop, I sure Google can deliver sooner rather than later. A web client isn’t the only feature that Google Allo is missing, but finally releasing one will certainly be a step in the right direction for making Allo a proper competitor to the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.