Google Allo’s Latest Update Lets You React to Specific Messages

Google Allo’s Latest Update Lets You React to Specific Messages

Over the past few months, Google Allo has received minor updates here and there that have slowly been turning it into the messaging app it should have been from Day One. Version 14 has just been released for the app, and with it, you can now react to individual messages throughout your conversations.

A heart icon will now be displayed below each message that you receive, and if you want to react to it, all you need to do is tap said icon. If you’re in a group chat, a number will be displayed next to the heart icon to show how many people have reacted to a specific message.

If this feature sounds familiar to you, that’s because it isn’t new in the world of messaging apps. Facebook Messenger has had it for quite some time, Slack users can react to messages in a number of different ways, and even the latest Skype update also brought along┬áthis functionality.

Even though it isn’t the most original idea in the world, it’s still great nonetheless to see Allo getting more and more features as time goes on, especially as competitors are set to enter the market (no matter how crowded it is). The update should be rolling out to the Google Play Store now, so it should be on your device shortly!

Source: Amit Fulay

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