Google is taking questions from developers for a Reddit AMA on Android 11

Google is taking questions from developers for a Reddit AMA on Android 11

Google released the first Android 11 Developer Preview back in February this year. This is earlier than the usual release schedule for developer previews and this foresightedness was meant to ensure that developers get ample time to adapt new platform behaviors and APIs for their apps. Despite this, the release of the Android 11 beta was delayed by a month due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which also forced Google to push the following beta releases by a month each. As per the updated schedule, the second Android 11 beta is expected to drop as soon as next week and the Android development team will be hosting an AMA (ask me anything) session soon after that on Reddit to address queries from developers.


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The Android Engineering team posted on the Android Developers subreddit announcing they will hold an AMA on July 9th. The session will take place on the same Reddit thread used for the announcement between 12:00 PM PST / 3:00 PM EST and 1:20 PM PST / 4:20 PM EST on July 9th. The AMA will address questions about Android 11 Compatibility and be used to discuss some new tools. To clarify, the AMA is specifically for technical questions from developers and not the end-users. You don’t have to wait until the stipulated time and you can go ahead and post your questions on the Reddit thread ahead of the session so they are addressed by the team.

The AMA session is part of Android’s #11WeeksOfAndroid initiative to have clearer communications with developers. Google has opted for this approach most likely since this year’s Google I/O developer conference was canceled completely.

Notably, a blog post back in May by Flame Group – a company that consults OEMs and ODMs to help them receive GMS certifications for devices – had revealed that the Android 11 beta 2 will release on July 6th as the “Final Release Candidate” build.

Meanwhile, the Android Engineering team will also hold two more AMAs before the final stable release of Android 11 in Q3. One of them will be held between July 27th and 31st whereas another will be held between August 24th and 28th, which is when the “Platform stability” release (beta 3) is expected to be available.

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