Google is Collecting Feedback on Android 8.1 Developer Preview 1 OTA Installation Issues

Google is Collecting Feedback on Android 8.1 Developer Preview 1 OTA Installation Issues

Google released Android 8.1 Developer Preview on October 25 and the stable version of the maintenance release for Android Oreo will be released in December. However, Android Beta Program users can test-drive the latest update through an OTA, and all users can also download and install the system images with an unlocked bootloader. The principal advantage of the OTAs in the Android Beta Program is that they don’t require a device factory reset/wipe or an unlocked bootloader.

Google has been going through a rough patch with the increasing amount of issues reported with the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL. To say the least, the company has come under a lot of fire recently. To add to the already mounting problems, new issues have surfaced through the new Developer Preview.

We have already reported that some Pixel 2 models were failing to flash factory images of the Android 8.1 Developer Preview. At the time, we also noted that some devices had trouble installing the OTA sent by Google as well. After numerous user reports, Google is examining the Android 8.1 beta installation failures.

Update Failed Message Android 8.1

The message users are getting after trying to install Android 8.1 (source: Reddit)

Users who had enrolled their device in the Android Beta Program to receive the latest preview releases over the air received the notification about the pending update which was available for download. Several users who proceeded with the installation of the downloaded OTA have reported that they are unable to install and boot into the Android 8.1 Developer Preview. They stated that they received an ‘Update failed’ notification after restarting the phone, which was required to complete the installation process. Their devices booted back to Android 8.0 (safe and sound thanks to the A/B partition system), greeting them with the installation failure message.

These problems have been reported on the Google Pixel User Community as well as Reddit. Google is also recommending users who are having the problem to post their issues in the Pixel User Community thread.

The company also appears to have removed the manual OTA file downloads for the 8.1 developer preview, so, at this moment of time, the only way of installing the 8.1 beta are either by registering for the Android Beta Program and waiting for the official update, or flashing the full factory images.

Here is the statement from the Community Manager at the Pixel User Community:

We are collecting feedback about user reports of OTA installation issues on the 8.1 beta. If this is happening to you, can you post your experiences here? That will allow us to possibly reach out for bug reports or additional information.

Orrin - Community Manager

Source: Pixel User Community
Via: Android Headlines

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