What are your thoughts on Google’s “Chat?” Will you miss Allo?

What are your thoughts on Google’s “Chat?” Will you miss Allo?

Anyone that has ever used an Android device knows that Google has a messaging problem. From Google Talk to Hangouts to Allo, they’ve tried a bunch of different approaches. Last week, news broke about yet another messaging solution from Google. But this time, instead of creating an entirely new app, Google is focusing on a carrier-service based on the Universal Profile for RCS. The bad news (for some people) is that work on Google Allo has been “paused,” hinting that the service may be on its way out.

To summarize,¬†RCS will be rebranded as “Chat” and Google will be beefing up Android Messages with a bunch of new features. RCS is essentially¬†the successor of SMS. Most Android manufacturers and carriers are on board with the new standard. This means Chat will hopefully be relatively ubiquitous among smartphone users, which should make it more of an iMessage competitor. Google is pausing work on Allo to focus on Chat.

Messaging has been a mess for a long time on Android. There are tons of great apps to choose from, but no real “default” messaging service. Everyone has SMS, but it lacks many of the features you can find in apps like Allo, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Messaging power users don’t use SMS, so will they switch to Chat if it has enough features?

What are your thoughts on Google’s latest attempt to fix messaging? Do you think Chat will take off and rival iMessage? Or will this be yet another messy situation? And what about Allo? Are you an Allo user? How do you feel about Google putting development on hold? Sound off in the comments below!

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