Google brings back the Android Developer Challenge to find 10 innovative apps using Machine Learning

Google brings back the Android Developer Challenge to find 10 innovative apps using Machine Learning

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It’s been many years since the last one, so it was surprising to hear that Google is bringing back the Android Developer Challenge. This time around, Google wants to promote one of the most promising fields of software engineering: Machine Learning. Google has used Machine Learning to build innovative features in a ton of its own products. Features like Smart Compose in Gmail, improved translations in Google Translate, Live Caption in Android 10, and so much more. Google believes there is still a lot that can be done with ML, so they’re looking to the developer community to promote innovative ideas.

Google is looking for 10 innovative Android apps that use Google-supported on-device machine learning offerings, including ML Kit, TensorFlow Lite, etc. Your app can either use ML to form the basis of the app or use ML to build on the functionality of an existing feature. Your app idea can be in the concept phase or ready for users, but regardless, you’ll have to show Google that you have a path to bring your idea to fruition by May 1st, 2020. That’s because Google wants developers to distribute these apps publicly on Google Play next year, and they’re also planning on showcasing these apps on their official channels in the lead up to and possibly at Google I/O 2020.

“The Android Developer Challenge is back. And the first Android Developer Challenge we’re announcing will be helpful innovation and machine learning. We’re asking all of you to submit ideas. We’ll pick the top 10. We will then bring those teams to Google. You will meet leading experts in machine learning and Android from across the company. You will get an exclusive look at Android 11, and once your apps are ready, we’ll share them in a collection on Google Play for billions of users to see.” – Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson, Google

One really cool thing about the Android Developer Challenge this time is that the winners could end up having their apps shown off alongside Android 11. During the event today, Google specifically mentioned that winners will get an exclusive early look at Android 11 and tickets to Google I/O 2020.

The challenge officially opens for submissions tomorrow and ideas are due by December 2nd. The winning projects will be selected on December 15th. From February through April, Google will work with developers to bring the concepts to life. For the complete terms, head here. More information can be found on the Android Developer Challenge website.