[Update: Name Revealed] Google’s Android TV dongle could cost as low as $49 in the U.S.

[Update: Name Revealed] Google’s Android TV dongle could cost as low as $49 in the U.S.

Update 1 (09/13/2020 @ 1:50 PM ET): The upcoming Android TV dongle code-named “sabrina” could be called “Google Chromecast with Google TV”. Scroll to the bottom for more information. The article as published on August 31, 2020, is preserved below.

In June, we brought you an exclusive first look at what could be Google’s upcoming Android TV dongle. We shared images that showed off the possible design, the dedicated remote, and the revamped Android TV user interface. However, what we were unable to reveal were the pricing and launch date. Fortunately, a new retail leak for the dongle, code-named “Sabrina,” may have just revealed its pricing in the U.S.


9to5Google is reporting that the “Sabrina” dongle has appeared in Home Depot’s internal system at a price of $49, making it one of the more affordable media streaming devices on the market. In fact, that prices it at exactly the same as the Roku Streaming Stick+ and Amazon Fire TV Stick and right around the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick. Earlier reports suggested the dongle would be “around or below $80,” so today’s report places the price much lower than anticipated.

As we previously reported, the “Sabrina” Android TV dongle will reportedly launch with Android TV on board and come with a dedicated remote (code-named “abbey“) that will offer a programmable button. Meanwhile, the debut of “Sabrina” is expected to concur alongside a revamped Android TV UI that’s more focused on content.

Google Android TV dongle remote

Possible remote

“Sabrina” may also feature integration with Nest doorbells and video cameras, making it easy for users to see alerts right from their TV. Additionally, we previously reported “Sabrina” would usher in a new Google Assistant response UI as well as YouTube TV integration into the “Live” tab.

9to5Google notes that the internal system at Home Depot lists “Sabrina” as coming in three colors: “Rock Candy”, “Como Blue”, and “Summer Melon”.

Google is expected to hold its next Made by Google event at the end of September or early October, where the company might unveil this mystery Android TV dongle alongside the Pixel 4A 5G, Pixel 5, and a new Nest speaker.

With so many details coming out over the past few months, it doesn’t seem like “Sabrina” will be a mystery for much longer.

Update 1: Could be called “Google Chromecast with Google TV”

We’ve been wondering what Google’s Android TV dongle will be called since its existence was revealed back in March. This weekend, AndroidPolice founder Artem Russakovski took to Twitter to reveal that Target’s internal system has priced the dongle at $49.99 under the name “Google Chromecast with Google TV.” If you’ll recall, a report back in May claimed that Android TV will be rebranded to Google TV for this product (though it’s still unclear if that branding will extend to other products.)

Artem also reveals that, of the device’s 3 color options, only 1 will be available in-stores. He says that Rock Candy is marked as being available in Target’s retail stores while Summer Melon and Summer Blue are marked online only.

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