Google now offers tech support on Twitter using the #AndroidHelp hashtag

Google now offers tech support on Twitter using the #AndroidHelp hashtag

Ever had a friend or loved one who had a major issue with their smartphone and didn’t know where to turn? Don’t want to always be on the hook for answers? The new #AndroidHelp Twitter hashtag is here to help, as Google will now be offering tech support to Android smartphone owners through it. The idea is simple: Tweet a question with the hashtag #AndroidHelp, and you’ll get tech support from the official @android Twitter account.

If you’re wondering exactly what kind of help you can get, the official AndroidOSSupport account posted on Reddit that you can get help with the following topics by posting with the hashtag:

  • General troubleshooting
  • Identity and Authentication
  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • And many other Android features

Sadly, the Twitter account didn’t detail as much as the official Reddit post did. Taking a cursory glance at the hashtag though, it may prove difficult to find any legitimate questions that the official Android team can actually help with. So many questions are already being posted relating to specific phone models and update timelines, which the Android team will obviously not be able to help with. It’s likely that any questions particular to a smartphone brand (that isn’t Google’s) will be redirected to that company’s own support. There haven’t been any official answers from the @Android account either, yet.

Still, the idea is simple, and we’re sure the team will start answering questions soon!

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