Google Announces Android for Work DevHub: A Collaborative Forum for Developers

Google Announces Android for Work DevHub: A Collaborative Forum for Developers

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Development is often a team effort. Professional Android developers usually find themselves seeking the help of other developers on the web when they can’t find an answer to a problem on their own. Many communities such as Stack Overflow have sprung up to give developers a place to learn from others.

Stack Overflow, however, is more of a general programming community. Sometimes people want to hang around a community of specialists in their specific development field. If you’re a developer who builds apps for enterprises, ie. an Android for Work developer, then you’ll be happy to hear about a new collaborative effort from Google called the Android for Work DevHub.

Android for Work DevHub

DevHub is a forum for developers to keep up with the latest happenings in the Android for Work world and to engage with other developers of enterprise applications. Members of Android for Work DevHub will receive early access to Google Play/Android for Work product betas and will also have the opportunity to participate in developer events to learn from Google’s experts in enterprise development. Some examples of what you can learn by joining the DevHub are how to leverage resources from the AppConfig community, how to improve app security using Android for Work APIs, or how to get an app featured on the Google Play for Android Work.

Starting today, any business developer can request access to the Android for Work DevHub by following this link and completing an application. Google will be diving into further details regarding the new DevHub collaborative forum this Thursday, May 19th at Google I/O. Developers who are attending Google I/O in person can meet with James Kelly, product manager of Android for Work, and Rich Hyndman, Android developer advocate at the 2PM PST conference on Stage 10 Cassiopeia at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA.

Source: Android Developers Blog