Google Announces Android Pay Partnership with Visa Checkout and Masterpass

Google Announces Android Pay Partnership with Visa Checkout and Masterpass

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It was just last week when Google announced Android Pay was finally being launched in Hong Kong. The company has been working at a slow but steady pace to expand Android Pay around the world, and they’ve also been working to add support for more local banks as time goes by.

Now, the company has just announced a new partnership with both Visa and MasterCard that will allow Android Pay to be used on a lot more online websites.

Visa has a service called Visa Checkout while MasterCard has their own online service called Masterpass. Similarly to Android Pay, Visa Checkout and Masterpass are services that make it quicker and easier for customers to pay for online purchases. Masterpass is currently available in 25 countries with over 250,000 merchants using it, while Visa Checkout is available in 16 countries with over 225,000 merchants employing the system.

With this new partnership, Android Pay will now be accepted on hundreds of thousands of new websites around the world. Just like all Android Pay purchases, customers will be able to complete their transaction using their phone or tablet’s preferred authentication method instead of remembering usernames and passwords. This reduces the friction points of the checkout process for websites and apps, and has proven to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

For those curious, Google has even included a couple of case studies from applications like Fancy and Luxe that can be checked out both here and here (PDFs). These case studies show that merchants who include an Android Pay option at checkout see faster checkout times, fewer abandoned carts, higher conversions and increased sales. Naturally, these results will vary from app to app and website to website, but it has proven to be beneficial to both the customer and the merchant.

Source: Google Blog