Google Announces App Maker for G Suite Customers

Google Announces App Maker for G Suite Customers

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G Suite used to be called Google Apps for Work, as well as Google Apps for Your Domain, and is Google’s collection of tools for productivity, collaboration, and cloud computing. The service was initially launched in 2006, and it gave a way for businesses to have access to software and products that were built by Google. Google has been working a lot lately to enhance the service and this week they announced both an App Maker as well as some new apps for the Recommended for G Suite program.

Google announced this Recommended for G Suite program last year as a way to suggest some helpful 3rd-party applications and services for businesses. Google realizes there are some applications out there that aren’t made by them, but can be very helpful for your team. So now the company is adding 7 new applications to this program that include Asana, DocuSign, Freshdesk, LumApps, Virtu, Xero and Zoho Invoice.

Google has also announced a new service called App Maker, for those businesses who want to quickly make a custom application to suite their needs. There is some coding that could be involved in making the app with the service, but the goal is to limit that by using a cloud-based IDE that has a number of templates built into it. It uses a drag-and-drop user interface with point-and-click data modeling to help decrease the amount of time it takes to develop your application.

They have been working with some of their larger G Suite customers and allowing them to test out App Maker for the last few months. After taking in feedback and reiterating the product, Google feels it is ready for more G Suite customers to utilize. It’s not available to all G Suite customers right now though. It’s included in their Early Adopter Program for G Suite Business customers. You’ll have to apply to the Early Adopter Program by clicking here if you want to try it out.

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