Google Announces Collaboration with PayPal for Android Pay Support

Google Announces Collaboration with PayPal for Android Pay Support

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Android Pay as a means of quick, cardless, and cashless payment faces heavy competition from the likes of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. So it comes as no surprise that all of the competitors in the mobile payments space continue looking for more ways to one up their competitors.

Google is doing just that with its latest strategic collaboration with PayPal, the popular online payments system. The partnership enables PayPal to be used as an option at checkout in Android Pay.

PayPal is one of the world’s leading online payment platforms, and one that many of us use for transferring money internationally. Google has recognized PayPal’s importance in a world that can be better defined as a ‘global village’, and adding in PayPal as an option makes it very convenient for lots of existing users to tap and pay with their phones. Users can also utilize PayPal to checkout in Android apps that support Android Pay.

At launch, this feature will be available for users in the U.S.A., but Google is silent on when this functionality will roll out to other Android Pay-supported regions. Users in the U.S.A. can simply link their PayPal account to use with Android Pay once the feature starts going live. Google mentions that the new feature will be made available in the Android Pay and PayPal apps ‘within the next few weeks’. Theoretically, this means that you may be able to use any bank or credit card to make payments with Android Pay if you’ve linked your accounts with PayPal.

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Source: Google