Google Announces New Tools for Advertising Mobile Games

Google Announces New Tools for Advertising Mobile Games

Along with Google being present at MWC this year, the company also sent representatives to the annual Game Developers Conference. A lot of the revenue Google rakes in from the Play Store is from mobile games, so it makes sense to see them focusing on improving the experience. Earlier this week the company announced some extra tools they were giving to Android developers. These tools will help developers display price discounts that are currently happening with their game.

Along with that, we learned that Google is also putting more of an emphasis on engagement of games in the Play Store rather than simply looking at install numbers. At GDC this year, Google’s AdMob division was there to talk about some new tools they’re making available to developers as well. The company says they are there to talk about new playable and video ad formats to create ways to better monetize experiences. They’ve also developed tools to show how people are interacting with your game.

The first of these three announcements is a new playable ad format. Before, developers could show off a game in images, or even with a video, but those are different experiences than actually getting to play the game itself. This new playable ad format will let the person play a lightweight version of the game a developer is advertising. This also results in a more qualified install of the game since the person actually will have some experience with it and will install the game because they wanted to play more of it.

Next up is a way to improve video ads on mobile devices. Right now, if an ad is set to play in landscape mode, it will force that aspect once it begins playing. Google has been working on some algorithms that will focus on the important parts of the video for those times when a device is kept in portrait mode. You can find an example of this in action in the video above.

Lastly AdMob is announcing they’re bringing Google’s video app install advertising demand from AdWords to AdMob. This, and the rest of the changes mentioned previously, should significantly increase rewarded demand available to developers. Game development is a challenging, competitive process, but the hardest part is often what comes after. These new changes may make it easier for game development companies to acquire new customers through more engaging advertisements.

Source: Inside Admob

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