Google App 10.93 hints at teaching Google Assistant how to pronounce your contacts’ names

Google App 10.93 hints at teaching Google Assistant how to pronounce your contacts’ names

The Google App offers a variety of different services from the search giant. It not only includes Google Search, but it’s also home to Google Discover, Google Podcasts, Google Assistant, and Google Lens. On top of all that, Google keeps releasing new features and design changes to the app with each successive update. At times, we’re able to identify some of these upcoming changes in an APK teardown of the Google App. For instance, back in October last year an APK teardown of version of the app revealed that Google was testing a new Collections UI, smart screenshots, and linking radio services on the app. This gives us an initial look at some of the new things that Google has in store for the app. Similarly, a teardown of version of the Google app has now unearthed a new feature which will allow users to train the Assistant to pronounce names properly.


An APK teardown can often predict features that may arrive in a future update of an application, but it is possible that any of the features we mention here may not make it in a future release. This is because these features are currently unimplemented in the live build and may be pulled at any time by the developers in a future build.

It’s a widely known fact that the Google Assistant in English has a tough time pronouncing some names over others. In case the assistant doesn’t pronounce your name properly, Google gives you the option to head over to the Assistant settings and record your own pronunciation (as seen in the screenshot below). Currently, there’s no way to train the Assistant to correctly pronounce the names of people in your contact list. While you can go to Google Contacts and edit your contact’s names to add the phonetic pronunciation, the process could be a bit cumbersome. A teardown of the latest version of the Google App reveals that the company is now working to make this process much simpler.

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Strings of code spotted in the latest version of the Google App suggest that Google will soon give you the ability to record your own pronunciation for your contacts. The feature will essentially let you train the Assistant to pronounce contact names just like you would train it to pronounce your name. You’ll get the ability to record your pronunciation, play it back, delete the pronunciation, or use the default pronunciation. As of now, Google has released no information regarding this feature and we have no clue of its release timeline. However, since code related to the feature has already made its way to the app, it shouldn’t be long before the feature makes an appearance on the beta version of the app.

<string name="assistant_settings_people_pronunciation_custom_option_subtitle">"Teach the Assistant to pronounce this contact's name by recording your own"</string>\n<string name="assistant_settings_people_pronunciation_custom_option_title">Record your own</string>\n<string name="assistant_settings_people_pronunciation_default_option_title">Use default</string>\n<string name="assistant_settings_people_pronunciation_delete_button_label">Delete</string>\n<string name="assistant_settings_people_pronunciation_editor_title">Name pronunciation</string>\n<string name="assistant_settings_people_pronunciation_play_button_label">Play</string>\n<string name="assistant_settings_people_pronunciation_record_button_label">Record</string>

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