Latest Google App beta adds “Search Tools” filters and tests revamped Assistant settings

Latest Google App beta adds “Search Tools” filters and tests revamped Assistant settings

The Google App is a core part of Google Mobile Services because it contains Google Search, Google Discover, Google Podcasts, Google Assistant, and Google Lens. Google has packed so much into the app that there are always minor tweaks and A/B tests that we tend to gloss over. In the last few versions of the Google App beta, though, there have been some noticeable new features and design tweaks that we wanted to bring your attention to.

New Search Tools Filters

The first tweak we wanted to bring up, which was spotted earlier today by 9to5Google, is the addition of “Search Tools” in the mobile Google search site. If you open the search tab and enter a search query, you can scroll to the right until you see “Search Tools.” Here you can filter by time (Any Time, Past Hour, Past 24 Hours, Past Week, Past Month, or Past Year) or by results (All Results or Verbatim.) Previously, you had to open Google search in Google Chrome or another browser in order to search with these filters enabled.


These Search Tools filters are available with Google App beta version 11.4 but are not yet available in the stable channel.

Revamped Google Assistant Settings

Google Assistant settings in the Google App are currently split up into 4 separate tabs: You, Assistant, Services, and [Name’s] Home. In recent versions of the Google App, however, Google has been testing a rearranged version of the Assistant settings page that places all of the settings into a single column. 5 of the most frequently accessed settings are pinned to the top, however. These include Routines, Music, Basic info, Languages, and Voice Match. Below these 5 settings are two cards for “You” and “Devices” which link to their respective settings. Lastly, the remaining settings can be accessed by tapping on the “view more” button at the bottom.

Image credits: Abner Li @ 9to5Google

These rearranged Assistant settings have appeared for a few writers at 9to5Google, but they have not yet widely rolled out for those on the latest Google App beta version.

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