The Google App is getting a dark theme in Google Search, Google Discover, and settings

The Google App is getting a dark theme in Google Search, Google Discover, and settings

As Google continues to roll out dark mode settings for all of their first-party applications, the Google App itself is the next one up to get it. In a staged rollout which has reached some users, Google Search, Google Discover, and the Google settings can all be switched to a darker theme. You can even enable it to just follow whatever the system setting is, though that option doesn’t work for me on OxygenOS on the OnePlus 7 Pro. A user-facing system setting arrived with the launch of Android Q beta 3 and was kept in beta 4. The company wants to get all of its applications ready to go with a dark mode before Android Q’s final release.


Previous Google applications to have gotten the dark theme treatment are ChromeDriveAuto, Keep, and Photos. All of them feature the same dark gray background, rather than a pure OLED black. Just like in other applications, the colors are also muted and no longer colorful as in their light theme counterparts. I took the above screenshots in version of the Google app, though it would appear to be a server-side rollout and may not be available on your device yet. It’s expected that the update will continue to roll out gradually to more users over the coming weeks. It is not possible to force the update at this time.

Surprisingly, there are still some UI elements of the Google application that aren’t themed, even with dark mode on. The updates tab, for example, remains blindingly white, and so does the Assistant. Staged rollouts are done just in case there are any catastrophic bugs so that the update can be halted. While not a catastrophic bug, these kinds of inconsistencies can also be discovered and fixed before everyone sees it. If you want to try your luck and hope you have the update, just make sure you’re on the latest beta version of the Google app. You can enroll in the beta here.

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