Google App tests a new layout for the Google Assistant settings page

Google App tests a new layout for the Google Assistant settings page

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The Google App is the application that contains the Google Assistant, Google Lens, Google Feed, Google Search, and Google Podcasts services. The app has become quite bloated as Google wants these services available on as many devices as possible with the Google App pre-installed. The settings page has added a ton of new entries with the introduction of every new feature and service, so it’s become rather difficult to find what you’re looking for. To make it easier for users to change the Google Assistant’s settings, the Google App is testing a cleaner settings page with tabbed subsections.

First discovered by XDA Recognized Developer Quinny899 and enabled by us, the new Google Assistant settings page is in testing on the latest beta version of the Google App. Shown below is the current Google App layout. Although the current layout separates subsections with headers, the number of entries has made the Assistant settings into a long page that users have to scroll down.

Current Google App layout

In comparison, the new layout (shown below), separates subsections by tabs. You can switch between the subsections by swiping left or right. Most of the settings are in place and functional, except for the new settings under the “Home” tab. Tapping on any of these settings caused the app to crash. We’re not surprised the new layout isn’t fully functional yet since this is the first release of the app that we’ve seen with this new layout.

New layout in the Google Assistant settings page

You can download the latest beta version of the Google App by signing up for the beta and then downloading it from the Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can download the APK from APKMirror.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

If this new layout rolls out in a stable release of the app, we’ll let you all know.