Google is testing a new location for the Google App’s search bar

Google is testing a new location for the Google App’s search bar

The Google app comes pre-installed on every Android device out there. So, if you’re using an Android phone, there’s a good chance you use the Google app for quick searches or to get news and weather updates. If you often use the Google app for search, you might have to get used to tapping in a different location. That’s because Google is testing a new location for the search bar in the Google app. The company is also testing a minor redesign for the search bar.

According to the Google News Telegram channel, a redesigned search bar has started showing up for some users on the latest Google app beta release. As you can see in the attached screenshot, the updated search bar appears right at the top of the app, replacing the weather widget in the upper left corner and integrating the profile button.


(Screenshot: Google News Telegram channel)

In the current version of the app, the circular button with your profile picture is located outside the search bar in the top right corner. Integrating it into the search bar gives the app a cleaner look and clears up some space for the cards below. The traditional camera and voice input keys are present at their usual locations, just like how they are in the current version of the app.

Google is also testing moving the search bar to the bottom of the screen, making it more accessible and easy to use. This is similar to what Google had done with the search bar on some earlier versions of Android. The search bar was integrated into the dock to make it easier for users to access it. We can observe something similar within the Google app now.

(Screenshots: Google News Telegram channel)

As shown in the attached screenshot, the search bar appears right above the navigation bar at the bottom. It disappears as soon as you start scrolling and resurfaces when you scroll up again. Since these search bar changes are only available to a handful of users on the beta channel right now, it might be a while before they make it to the stable channel. We’ll make sure to let you know as soon as the changes start rolling out.

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