Google App v7.20 beta hints at new Assistant Hotword, Duo Integration for Smart Displays, and more

Google App v7.20 beta hints at new Assistant Hotword, Duo Integration for Smart Displays, and more

Google App v7.20 beta is now rolling out to users enrolled in the Google App beta on the Play Store, and while Google hasn’t published an official changelog for the update, we did an APK teardown and found some changes related to the Google Assistant, Google Duo support for Smart Displays, and more. We’ve noted them below.

An APK teardown can often predict features that may arrive in a future update of an application, but it is possible that any of the features we mention here may not make it in a future release. This is because these features are currently unimplemented in the live build and may be pulled at any time by Google in a future build.


Google Duo calling from Smart Displays

“Jasper” is the codename for Smart Displays powered by the Google Assistant. They’re new smart speakers from companies such as LG, Sony, JBL, and Lenovo with touchscreen-enabled displays that can play videos, pull up pictures from Google Photos, and more, and strings from the Google App v7.20 beta show that they’ll be able to perform video calling via Google Duo. There’s built-in support for Knock-Knock and a new Video calls menu that’ll allow users to sign into, sign out of, or unlink a Duo account.

<string name="assistant_device_id_jasper_duo_preference_category_title">Video calls</string>\n<string name="assistant_device_id_jasper_duo_preference_category">assistantDeviceIdJasperDuoCategory</string>\n<string name="jasper_duo_account_title">Duo Account</string>\n<string name="jasper_duo_knock_knock_summary">See the caller's video before you pick up. And let people you call see your video while their phone rings. &lt;a href=\"\"&gt;Learn more&lt;/a&gt;</string>\n<string name="jasper_duo_knock_knock_title">Knock-knock</string>\n<string name="jasper_duo_not_signed_in">Not signed in</string>\n<string name="jasper_duo_signed_in">Signed in</string>\n<string name="jasper_duo_unlink">Unlink</string>

A new hotword

The teardown also hints at the possibility that Google will soon enable a third hotword alongside “OK Google” and “Hey Google”. However, we can only speculate at this point.

<string name="hotword_enrollment_enroll_listening_talkback_assistant_device_again">Say it again</string>\n<string name="hotword_enrollment_tgoogle_summary_header_title">\"%1$s\" is now available</string>\n<string name="hotword_enrollment_tgoogle_summary_usage_example_first">"%1$s, what's my name?"</string>\n<string name="hotword_enrollment_tgoogle_summary_usage_example_second">"%1$s, what's the traffic to work?"</string>\n<string name="hotword_enrollment_tgoogle_summary_usage_example_third">%1$s, tell me about my day.</string>\n<string name="hotword_enrollment_tgoogle_summary_usage_sample_end">You can also still say \"%1$s\" and \"%2$s\" to talk to your Assistant.</string>\n<string name="hotword_enrollment_tgoogle_summary_usage_sample_title">Your Assistant will now respond when you say things like:</string>\n<string name="user_defined_action_task_custom_query_query_summary">You can enter any Google Assistant command.</string>\n<string name="user_defined_action_task_custom_query_query_title">What custom command would you like to run?</string>\n<string name="user_defined_action_task_custom_query_title">Custom command</string>\n

Smart Displays notifications and reminders

It also shows developments in the software platform which will power Smart Displays, known as “Quartz”. We’re seeing placeholders for notifications, alert badges, reminders, and playback controls (e.g., pause and play).

<string name="quartz_badge_view_less_than_ten">%1$d</string>\n<string name="quartz_badge_view_ten_or_more">9+</string>\n<string name="quartz_notification_list_title">Notifications</string>\n<string name="quartz_notification_type_other">Notification</string>\n<string name="quartz_notification_type_reminder">Reminder</string>\n<string name="quartz_photo_list_slideshow_button_pause_content_description">Pause</string>\n<string name="quartz_photo_list_slideshow_button_play_content_description">Play</string>

New order tracking messages

Google also appears to be working on more detailed order tracking messages. The new strings contain labels indicating when items have shipped, when they’re expected to be delivered, and whether the delivery’s been canceled or delayed.

<string name="order_group_header">Orders</string>\n<string name="shipped">Shipped</string>\n<string name="shipped_with_estimation">Shipped, delivery expected %s</string>\n<string name="expect_delivery_day">%s</string>\n<string name="out_for_delivery">Out for Delivery</string>\n<string name="delivered">Delivered</string>\n<string name="available_pick_up">Available for Pickup</string>\n<string name="delayed">Delayed</string>\n<string name="cancelled">Cancelled</string>\n<string name="returned">Returned</string>\n<string name="action_required">Action Required</string>\n<string name="more_orders">More Orders</string>

Podcast management features

Finally, we see some developments on the podcast front. Currently, the Google App doesn’t have a native podcast manager, and it’s unclear when (or if) Google will launch this feature. But the new strings show the beginnings of a podcast downloader, subscription manager, and more.

<string name="sign_in_message">Sign in to subscribe to podcasts and access your listening history on other devices</string>\n<string name="sign_in_reject">Not now</string>\n<string name="sign_in_accept">Sign in</string>\n<string name="downloads">Downloads</string>\n<string name="downloaded_episodes">Downloaded episodes</string>\n<string name="download_setting_message">Downloaded episodes are removed after 30 days or 24 hours after completion</string>\n<string name="all_downloaded_episodes">All downloaded episodes</string>\n<string name="homebase_link_tool_tip_message">See your subscriptions here</string>\n<string name="opt_in_message">Web &amp; App Activity is turned off. Turn it on to access your podcasts and listening history on other devices.</string>\n<string name="remove_completed_episodes">Remove completed episodes</string>\n<string name="remove_unfinished_episodes">Remove unfinished episodes</string>

We will update this post if we find any more interesting things in the teardown.

If you’re looking for the latest Google App beta, enroll in the preview program and update the Google App from the Google Play Store.

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