Google’s AR Experiments Page Highlights Augmented Reality Projects with ARCore

Google’s AR Experiments Page Highlights Augmented Reality Projects with ARCore

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After working on Tango these last couple of years, Google decided to take some of what they learned from it and implement it on devices without needing to have special hardware. Tango is great for professionals but unless this hardware gets put in devices like the Galaxy S8 or LG V30, then it’s just not something that will catch on. So this was the reasoning behind the new project, ARCore, as it allows for some of those augmented reality features of Tango on millions of devices.

The platform is currently available on just three devices (the Galaxy S8, Google Pixel and the Google Pixel XL) as it’s been made available to the public as an SDK preview. The community has stepped up and modified this so that it can be run on many more devices, so be sure to check out ARCore for All to see if your smartphone or tablet can run it. So now that the SDK preview is in the hands of developers all around the world, people are starting to create some interesting applications for it.

Developer Signal Garden recently released an application called Atom Visualizer that uses the ARCore platform and it’s free to check out right now. To celebrate these new experiments that people are coming up with, Google decided to launch a new website specifically for ARCore. This new website is called This is ARCore and it can be found here. We can see that this website is similar to other showcase websites they’ve put together such as Android Experiments, AI Experiements, etc.

Things are laid out a bit differently for ARCore though as they’re mainly just some things that Google’s Daydream Labs division has been working on. Scrolling through the page shows a number of videos of the developer showing off a new experiment they’ve been working on. However, digging through this page shows that Google has also set up a new experiments page specifically for augmented reality projects that you can find here.

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