Microsoft HoloLens Google reportedly working on a HoloLens-like standalone AR headset

Google reportedly working on a HoloLens-like standalone AR headset

Augmented reality is a popular topic in smartphones today. Google has embraced this trend with ARCore and fun things like AR Stickers. Augmented reality is an overlay on top of the real world. All you need is some sort of “lens” to view it through, such as a phone camera. A step up from that is a full-blown headset. Microsoft has been working on an AR headset called HoloLens for a couple of years. A new report claims Google is working on a similar device.

The headset is reportedly being referred to as “Google A65.” It is said to be an augmented reality headset that doesn’t need to be tethered to another device with a cable. Google is working with Quanta, the maker of the Pixel C tablet, to manufacture the headset. We don’t know much else, but the report also claims Qualcomm will be the chip maker. Google is considering the Qualcomm QSC603 and QSC605, which are processors designed for “Internet of Things” devices.

The QSC603 seems to be the most likely choice at this point. The chip can output video at WQHD resolution, display 3D overlays, and supports OpenGL, OpenCL, and Vulcan. In terms of connectivity, the chip has Gigabit WLAN, Bluetooth 5.1, and GPS. Production takes places on a 10nm scale. Something that Google will most definitely utilize is the processing power for AI data. The chip contains a neural processing engine that works with the Android Neural Networks API.

The report does not give any information about when we can expect to see this device. It seems too early to expect it at Google’s Fall hardware event. Are you interested in an AR headset from Google? Are you interested in AR devices in general?


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