Google ARCore adds support for the Realme 3 Pro, Moto Z4, Motorola One Vision, and more

Google ARCore adds support for the Realme 3 Pro, Moto Z4, Motorola One Vision, and more

ARCore (now called “Google Play Services for AR”) is an SDK that helps developers add augmented reality features to their Android apps. We’ve seen cool, albeit gimmicky features like Google’s AR Stickers (now called “Playground” — Google loves renaming things) get built on top of ARCore, but we’ve also seen the SDK get used to build some genuinely useful features like AR navigation in Google Maps. If you’ve been wanting to try out the new “Live View” mode in Google Maps (or one of the useful AR shopping features in some other apps), then your device has to support ARCore. Recently, Google added support for 6 devices: the Realme 3 Pro, Motorola Moto Z4, Motorola One Vision, Infinix Mobile Note 6, Tecno Phantom 9, and the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE.


You can view the full list of supported devices here*. If your device is on that list, you can download Google Play Services for AR from the Google Play Store and get started with any app that uses the AR SDK. The latest Google Play Services includes the ARCore service, though you’ll obviously need to have Google Play Services installed in the first place. That shouldn’t be a problem if you’re using a genuine Android certified device that you bought outside of China.

As of version 1.11.0 of the SDK, ARCore supports 60fps camera capture on the rear-facing cameras on some devices like the Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL. Other devices still target 30fps, though we’ll likely see more devices gain support over time. Google has to work with OEMs to calibrate each and every device to support ARCore, which is why it takes so long for some devices to gain support.

Google Play Services for AR
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

If you have one of the supported devices and want to test out an AR app right away, I recommend downloading the “Just a Line” app. It’s a simple app that just lets you draw lines on top of the real world through augmented reality.

*The Realme 3 Pro is listed as the Realme X Lite, which is the name it’s sold under in China. Since this device is listed among other non-Chinese market devices, we’re assuming the name used here is simply a mistake.

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