Google Assistant gets better list management, lyrics on Smart Displays, and Pretty Please

Google Assistant gets better list management, lyrics on Smart Displays, and Pretty Please

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Google wants you to know that your personal virtual assistant is there for you this holiday season. The Mountain View tech giant just published a blog post detailing a number of Google Assistant features that they’ve been working on which can enhance your holiday mood while also making things a bit more convenient as well. This list includes features such as musical lyrics on smart displays, teaching your kids to be polite with Pretty Please and Thank You prompts, better list management, and more.

First up we have the rollout of both Pretty Please and Thank you prompts to help teach and reinforce your children’s polite behavior. We have heard about this feature in the past, but with some kids focused on only getting new things for the holidays, this will help remind them to be polite and less demanding. Since Google I/O this year, we knew that the company had been working on revamping the list management feature for Google Assistant and last month the company finally began to roll this feature out to the public. Support will start with Google Keep,, Bring!, and Todoist.

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Google has integrated Nest Hello video doorbell with smart displays like the Google Home Hub so not only can you see who is at the door but they have also introduced a two-way talkback feature. Speaking of smart displays, Google Play Music subscribers can get the lyrics to some of their favorite songs. They will even sync the lyrics with the music right when the music begins. Pairing Google Home with Google Assistant also allows for you to read along with certain stories (supported list found here) while also enjoying sound effects and music.

There are a couple more things that Google is showing off in this latest blog post including the ability to let your child give Santa a call with the command “Hey Google, Call Santa.” Santa Claus is rehearsing for a musical concert (for one song) and this feature gives your child the ability to help him figure out the best way to play it. Last up we have a roundup of some features we talked about earlier this month. This includes the broadcast replies feature, a way to share photos using smart displays thanks to Google Photos, and touch alarms in the quick settings.

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