Google Assistant support for 3rd-party Notes and Lists apps is finally rolling out

Google Assistant support for 3rd-party Notes and Lists apps is finally rolling out

Way back at Google I/O 2018, the company talked about adding 3rd-party app support for lists and notes in Google Assistant. People were very excited about this as Assistant’s built-in lists and notes features are pretty limited, not to mention people already have established favorite apps. A little over a year ago, it appeared the feature may be rolling out, but that never actually happened. Now, it looks like Google may finally be flipping the switch for real.

Google published a blog post titled “5 ways to beat holiday stress with the Google Assistant” and #1 is “Stay organized with notes and lists.” Starting today, you can create and manage your notes and lists in Google Keep,, AnyList, or Bring! across Assistant-enabled phones, smart speakers, and smart displays. You can set it up by opening the Assistant settings and finding “Notes and Lists” in the “Services” tab.


Here are a few example commands from Google:

  • “Create a holiday gift list.”
  • “Add Chromebook to my holiday gift list.”
  • “Add cranberries to my grocery list.”
  • “Take a note.”
  • “Show me my notes.”

This feature has been highly requested among Google Assistant users, especially those with smart speakers/displays, and it’s taken a long time to actually roll out. It’s easier to say “add milk to my list” than a long, convoluted phrase like “ask OurGroceries to add milk to my list.” Hopefully, it doesn’t take forever to appear on devices this time. The original announcement was for 10 notes and lists apps, so Google still has some work to do. Were you waiting for this feature?

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